NOTICE: This site is heavily Under Construction! Please god help me, I have no clue what I'm doing!!!!!
official art of Gatomon, who honestly looks very 'head empty, no thoughts'
placeholder gatomon

Welcome to my personal site! It's still pretty new (freshly made as of June 6th 2023!) so I still need to fill it up stuff. It'll probably be constantly under construction, since I'm actually learning how to code for the first time!

I plan to talk about a buncha stuff I like on here! So far I've made some tamagotchi pages, and I'm thinking about adding a blog soon. Reviewing media and making a list of things I enjoy (like in shrines?) sounds really fun too!

I'll work on some proper site navigation soon, but here're some links to the tama pages I made! Two of these are for personal reference while I run my tama though.

Tamagotchi Diary / Tama Garden / Tama Cheetsheet